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Crystal Modern School is launching the best school in Pimpri Chinchwad. We learn from the very first stage of early education through the programs of preprimary, Nursery, Jr. Kg & Sr. Kg. "Education embedded with information and communication technology paves the robust way for creating a just and equitable society.

Ultimately, quality of life of the people is dependent on the quality of education they receive. It also contributes in creating the cultural fabric of the nation. Crystal Modern School believes that education and technology are excellent equalizers.


Mr. Shantaram Babanrao Tapkir

Mr. Avinash Shantaram Tapkir

Mrs. Smita Avinash Tapkir
(Executive Director)


Education is the most important Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,
Education is the most important learning in a human’s life. An educated man is never a failure. He has the confidence and courage to experiment and excel in life. He is self-motivated as he is learned and he is never threatened by challenges India has always been recognized as a knowledge pool. It has created its own niche in the knowledge workers market. This has led to greater mobility among Indian talent pool to handle global operations. To understand the dynamics of change and reach the zenith of success, Crystal Modern School students are trained and equipped to take on the world and leave their mark in the corporate world. We at CMS create a path of knowledge driven by system, thoughts and strive to create intelligent knowledgeable and self-motivated leaders by providing enormous intellectual back up.


Intelligence depends on heredity and environment Principal's Message

An individuals intelligence depends on heredity and environment. We cannot change the heredity of any individual but we can definitely change the environment wherein the individual is able to grasp and keep oneself abreast of the things around them. Hence our teachers at CMS are always concerned and working towards how to enhance learning environment to stimulate learning and achievement to the fullest extent. At CMS’s Information and Communication Technology provides a support to the students to take an active role in the learning process and strengthen all the multiple intelligences necessary for quality learning. CMS encourages students to make more efficient and intense use of computers.

Each child is different. Therefore here we try and help each child to develop self confidence, ability of expression, social behavior, right attitude towards teachers, classmates and environment and to develop various life skills. We also promote various co-curricular activates along with academics like Yoga, Art and Craft , Music,Physical Education thus taking care of the overall personal development of the child.

I strongly believe that education is a continuous and never ending process Our main aim is to foster a team spirit and encourage a sense of responsibility and self discipline amongst students to develop leadership qualities. I would just conclude by saying that "Nothing is impossible in this world. If a child is taught to keep on trying with confidence in one's own abilities then no goal or dream seems farfetched."



The school promotes creativity, collaboration, inquisitiveness and personal integrity in a blend that fosters success for all students and staff of the school.



To prepare children for the future by providing knowledge & skills to achieve academic excellence, personal growth & positive approach towards life in safe environment.